The Pageant

The Mrs Asia California Pageant was founded with the ideals of encouraging young Asian women to develop a deeper understanding of their heritage, building self confidence and esteem, and polishing one’s personal appearance and presentation skills. All these skills and qualities are requisite for success in any lifetime endeavor. The Mrs Asia California Pageant was developed to help Asian women achieve these goals, which will in turn help launch their other dreams. The Mrs Asia California Pageant is also a forum for these women and the California state to celebrate Asian beauty, elegance and style.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “It takes more than a rhinestone tiara to make someone a queen.” These words should inspire the contestants to always reach higher, while cultivating their skills and noble characteristics. This will help them succeed in education, relationships, careers, and life in general. It should also make one realize that success is not what appears on the outside, but what they possess inside. The efforts and enthusiasm invested in this experience will transform into an indomitable spirit always moving forward in life, overcoming obstacles, and embracing each achievement at a time.

The Mrs Asia California Pageant is unique because it focuses on fostering positive traits and skills in young women in California Asian community. Mrs Asia California will represent the epitome of Asian beauty and elegance, and will be responsible for representing and serving her community. The queen and her court will have a memorable and rewarding year. They will appear at local and state community events for charities, as well as cultural and educational events that benefit the community.

The Mrs Asia California Pageant is the positive result of a lot of hard work and enthusiasm from many special people. Established sponsors, inspirational contestants, supportive family and friends, and volunteer staff, have all influenced this wonderful event in their own ways. They do this not just to support a beauty pageant, but because they, too, believe in celebrating Asian beauty, elegance and style.

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